Busy Day!

by Administrator 20. August 2013 08:43

Just a little update from QCCDC, Silvis.  Yesterday we had such an amazing day!  We work with one of the local high schools to place students in an early childhood environment.  This placement helps students to decide if they want to pursue a career in Early Childhood.  In addition to giving a walking tour to 50+ high school Juniors and Seniors, we invited West Music to the facility yesterday.  We had two lovely ladies who worked with small groups of children and did some music therapy, the children were still talking about it late in the day.  Because we weren't busy enough, we also had two local QRS consultants in our two year old classroom doing a mock assessment.  They are helping to prepare us for our official assessment which will take place in December.  Finally, in all of the hustle and bustle of families preparing children for back to school, our toddler classroom took advantage of the rising temperatures and squeezed in another water day yesterday Smile  Just summing up our recent events makes me tired, but the wonderful staff are working hard, and the children are reaping the rewards of such a dedicated program



Dive, Dive, Dive!

by Administrator 8. July 2013 11:34

    As we celebrate a week of Summer Fun, our experiment today for Mad Science Monday was "Diving Raisins."  This activity was simple yet fun and engaging as the children watched with anticipation for the raisins to bound up and down in our bottles of club soda.  It truly was that simple!  Take a bottle of ginger ale or club soda and have your child add a few raisins to a glass of it, or to the whole bottle. Watch as the raisins float to the top and then drop back down.  You may add a teaspoon of baking soda to increase the activity of the carbonation thus causing the raisins to surface and "dive" even faster!  For the younger groups, we discussed how the water was "bubbly" and what caused it. We also watch the raisins "swimming." The Pre-K class became very excited to continue adding baking soda  until the carbonation was used up while discussing what they observed each time.  Our school age children were able to expand on the concept of a hypothesis, first by discussing what it was, and second, by discussing what hypothesis' we had for today's experiment before we began. They were able to test each theory in turn and discuss the findings.  The school age class even chose to keep their experiment so that they could make more observations throughout the day!  We have a budding group of scientists ready to learn and we are all having a great time with Mad Science Mondays!!!! 

Have a Great Day!!! We did!!!!


Miss Juliet


Our Mad Science Monday was Explosive!!

by Administrator 24. June 2013 13:48

  Today for Mad Science Monday we continued our exploration of acids and uses for baking soda. We did this by erupting a volcano!  The school age children constructed a volcano for us to use for the experiment prior to today's activities and were very proud of their ability to contribute in such a large way.  Many of the school age and pre-kindergarten children were able to make accurate predictions of what would happen when the acid (vinegar) was added to the baking soda. We also discussed the colors that we used such as red and yellow and how together they made the "lava" orange. Surprise came when the children saw how high the solution erupted out of the volcano. We discovered that the eruption would shoot up higher if the vinegar was poured quickly into the volcano creating a high level of pressure. Discussion also continued as we explored both the fast and slow moving "lava" and talked about how this creates different types of volcanos. For our younger age groups, we focused primarily on the colors of food coloring being used and the reaction that happened. This sensory experience expanded the children's knowledge of the world around them while offering a cool form of entertainment! In addition to observing the reaction and discussion of colors, the preschool class also discussed what pressure is and how it causes a volcano to erupt. They were also given opportunities to pour the vinegar and create reactions of their own. Volcanos are an easy fun activity for all ages and great learning experience!

Have a Great Science Day!



Center-Wide Water Play

by Administrator 18. June 2013 11:05

Happy Tuesday!  Today we are hosting our first all center water day.  As I write this, the children are still running around the playground squealing and shrieking in the water.  When I ventured outside to see how things were going, I was pleasantly surprised by all of the good things I saw going on.  I saw the children playing in the bubbly water, asking their friends if they wanted to get wet.  I saw some children going from tub to tub, mixing the colored water to make new colors.  I saw children, splashing in the puddles, and sliding down the slide.  I even saw a few children scooping water to measure in the measuring cups.  No matter their age, the children were talking to one another, trying to get everyone involved in the fun.  I was even proud to see that the more popular items such as the spray bottles were being shared with ease.  The staff are wandering around the playground,  trying to avoid the streams of water that are flying around.  I must say, each year, the water seems a little colder to me.  It makes me happy to see that even when we do an activity that would be considered out of the regular routine, the children are using the skills that we are instilling everyday.  I saw them using their manners, building their friendships, and keeping their sense of humor.  Several of the staff have stopped me to tell me what a good time they had watching the children so engrossed in their play.

Ms. Christy



Mad Science Monday - Silly Soda Pop

by Administrator 10. June 2013 11:16

Hello everyone! 

   Today we held our first Mad Science Monday with great success! For our younger age groups we use the soda pop experiment to focus on the math skills that are utilized in cooking and following a recipe. We discussed how to gather ingredients, follow directions, and measure using both measuring cups and spoons.  The children enjoyed seeing the creation mix together as it fizzed and changed color. Then the children were invited to join in a taste test. For the Pre-K class and school-agers we took our experimentation one step further by broadening our discussion to include how things are made, career choices, and what acids are. We discussed how a scientist at a company will create a product, it is then made and tested, and then presented to the public. We pretended to be "taste testers" in a factory creating a new drink. After our initial creation, some children chose to add more or less of different ingredients, even changing the color of the drink, until they got it just right! We discussed how the lemon juice ingredient is an acid that reacts with the baking soda to make the drink fizz and we also discussed what other uses these products have. We were able to create a drink that was pleasing to most and help the children make a connection to their possible future career choices. Most of all, we had a great time!!!

Thank you for joining us!


Miss Juliet


Excitement for Summer

by Administrator 16. May 2013 15:57

With the recent round of nice weather, we all are thinking the same thing, Let's get ready for summer!  We are busy planning a fun and exciting summer program which is going to include, Mad Science Mondays, Music and Movement activities, Water days, Magic, and more.  As we are filling up our calendar of events, it has become pretty obvious, summer is going to be exciting, and it is going to fly by.  We will be hosting  obstacle event days, learning about maps and treasures, and inviting many visitors into the center to teach us about our local history.  As we get the final details planned, we will be posting the events to our Google calendar, which I am told can be synced to the calendars of your smart phone, makes it so much easier to remember!  The staff are enthusiastic in their planning, the children have had lots of ideas to share as well.  I am hoping everything falls smoothly into place, because with the schedule we are working on, their will be no time for the summertime blues!



Prop Baskets

by Administrator 18. March 2013 14:11

The staff seemed to really like the concept of the story prop basket, I let them play with a few of my favorite puppets so they could see how easy it is to start their collections.  I even found my magic wand/attention getter and demonstrated how it works.  I brought in a couple hardworking people this weekend, read that as I volunteered my husband and son (thanks guys!)  We tweaked a couple of the classrooms and made them a little more focused for the children.  We created a couple of new learning centers, brought in some new equipment, and lowered some of the existing equipment so the children could make better use of things.  It was funny for my 13 year old son to explore the classrooms and find some of his past toys, he is such a good re-cycler.  Everyone's efforts paid off, we had another visit this morning from our QRS consultants.  The consultants have noticed that we are making the suggested changes after each visit, and  that we are even making some changes before they suggest them.  I hope all of the parents have noticed as well.  I do want to give a big thanks to all of the hard working, dedicated staff of the QCCDC!  Everyone is really working hard to make our great center even better!



Story Time

by Administrator 14. March 2013 14:40

Silvis is still in the process of applying for QRS.  We have had two visits from the QRS consultant, the visits have been very positive, and the whole center has really taken all suggestions to heart.  With QRS always in the back of my mind, I have discovered several local thrift stores that are helping with program improvement here.  QRS has also inspired me to clean out my teaching  closet, today I brought in a carload of items, it was fun explaining to the staff how I put some of the random items to good use.  Tomorrow I am bringing in my story prop basket for the staff to explore.  My goal is to inspire each classroom to create their own prop basket so that the children can actively participate in some of their favorite stories and songs.  I hope that each class has time for me to read them a story. I haven't used my cat-eye glasses or magic wand for some time, tomorrow is looking to be quite exciting.

I will post tomorrow to report about the success or fail of prop basket!

Ms. Christy



by Administrator 22. February 2013 15:41

Today has been a whirlwind kind of day.  We have some new friends who have recently joined our program, so the staff have been busy helping the new students and their families get settled into the routines.  Last night, we had the snow flying, so today the children have been busy digging and exploring the "cool" properties of snow.  Many of the classrooms brought the snow indoors, and once the children put on their mittens, they were very eager to dig in.  One of the children stopped me in my tracks to show me the castle that he had built.  Which of course prompted me to join him so we could explore the other ideas he had.  I hope everyone else was able to relax a little today and enjoy the snow, it really was a big deal for our little ones today


Take a look around

by Administrator 14. January 2013 13:14

Here we are halfway through January.  I hope everyone had time to enjoy the Holidays, I know I enjoyed spending a little extra time with my own family.  This year is already off with a hustle and bustle.  The items I ordered with the grant monies have begun to arrive.  The comfy couches and chairs have been a huge hit with the children.  Isn't funny how bringing something down to their level makes it that much more special.  One of my resolutions this year is to see all things in the center through the eyes of a child.  I invite all of you to try this as well.  We spend so much time trying to teach our children how to succeed as they grow, yet I don't want them to miss out on the wondrous part of being a child.  The amazement of each new experience!  So as we go through this year, I will report back my findings of a child learning in our center.



At QC Child Development Center, each classroom is organized with multiple learning centers offering choices based on the individual child's interest. Learning centers may include creative art, literature,science, pre-math, dramativ play, large motor, cognitive and manipulative areas.

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